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Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot – Woman Reading


Kaj Stenvall – first works

Kaj Kristian Stenvall (born 25 December 1951 in Tampere) is a Finnish artist who became internationally famous when he began his career in 1989 for painting what his site describes as “a very familiar looking duck.

Found them here.

Kaj Stenvall – some works from 2010

A Greek Drama

Krauts at Three O´Clock

Natural Loss

The World Keeps on Turning

Working Hero

“The duck is more of a symbol; the material of an intermediary; and a symbol of Man. The character illustrates the dilemma of being human. The duck, as such, doesn´t symbolize anything to me personally. It is used as a catalyst in the process of how it will be interpreted in the eye of the beholder.”

Found them here: http://www.kajstenvall.com/html/site_eng.html